Estate Services For Exceptional Properties

The complexities of settling an estate or completing a move are enormous. At a time like this, you need professional help with your personal property. We empathize. We listen. We are highly responsive to your needs.

Chrisalin Estate Services will tailor your sale to meet your specific goals. Sensitive, honest and respectful, Chrisalin’s staff can free you from the physical and emotional stress of selling your own or a loved one’s personal property. This will give you the freedom to concentrate on other important issues.

Our Philosophy

When a person dies, the estate may have large assets such as a home, a condo, investment portfolio, bank accounts, cars, boats, etc. Personal property is usually the least valuable asset group in an estate. But it often becomes the focus of family and heirs and can be a source of great controversy and emotion. Why? Personal property is exactly that – personal. It represents a person’s entire life – their career, how they entertained, where they traveled, their hobbies, what they collected, their movies and music, their clothing, jewelry etc. It’s a unique collection that tells us who they were and what they enjoyed.

When Chrisalin sets up an estate sale, we are getting an intimate look at the person whose property we are selling. Their entire life is there before us on tables, in displays for everyone to see. We consider managing this an awesome responsibility. At Chrisalin, our work demands a high degree of respect, professionalism and integrity. We take the time to ask questions, so we understand who the person was and what their life was like. This is what sets us apart from other estate sale companies and why our clients are willing to wait for our services. Our sales truly reflect the essence of the person whose property we are selling. By learning about the person, we can do a more effective job of answering questions and enhancing the sales process.