Our Services

The most successful sales are those with an exceptional marketing effort. Sales marketing includes display, pricing, promotion and customer service. Attending a Chrisalin sale is like going to a fine department store. Here’s how we manage the process:

We do a no-cost, no obligation sale assessment. We will meet with you on-site to review the items you want sold and assess what your sale will gross.

Clean, attractive and unique displays of your sale items are set up at the site. Chrisalin is well-known for highly organized, very clean sales.

We provide all the display equipment including tables, tablecloths, locked jewelry cases, linen display racks, shelving etc.

Chrisalin carefully researches, appraises and prices all items. At no additional fee to the client, we consult with experts for accurate appraisals of art, jewelry, silver, gold and antiques. Extra time and care is taken so the items are priced accurately for today’s market.

Your sale is advertised through the Internet, Chrisalin’s own extensive e-mail customer list, our website, and on-site with area outdoor signage. Frequently, newspaper classified ads are used, depending upon the size of the sale and its location.

You may do a presale walk-through to see all the displays and review prices.

Chrisalin invites customers into your home in an orderly way to prevent crowding, damage or theft.

Your 2 to 3 day sale is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, and honest sales people who write sales receipts for every single item sold. This staff handles bids from customers, customer purchases, wrapping purchases and all financial accounting.

Chrisalin accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club and debit cards, giving your customers the convenience of any fine shop or store. The use of credit cards definitely helps customers make high-end purchases.

After the sale, you receive a written financial report with your proceeds check within two to three weeks. This report includes your total sales, Chrisalin fees, credit card activity and costs, along with copies of all advertising.

Chrisalin will pack up and arrange for a charity pick-up of unsold items, providing you with an itemized donation list for tax deduction. You are offered a choice of charities that accept donations.